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Our Environmental, Social and Governance Focus


Waste production is reaching a critical tipping point across the world. By 2050, it’s predicted humans will generate 3.4 billion tonnes of waste per year. The accelerated rate of waste generation is expected to outpace the rate of the population growth over the same period by a factor of two.

Addressing the global waste crisis is at the heart of everything we do. Since the inception of The Giampaolo Group, our focus has been reducing the volume of resources that wind up in landfills, and instead repurposing them in meaningful ways.

Here’s a glimpse into how our divisions are upholding our environmental and governance visions:

  • As one of the largest players in scrap metal recycling, Triple M Metal is contributing to the 130 million metric tonnes of commodity-grade metals that are recycled each year in the U.S. to transform obsolete products into useful raw materials.
  • Matalco, one of North America’s largest secondary billet and slab producer, is 92% more efficient when recycling aluminum, than creating primary aluminum. Matalco plays a major role in helping the U.S and Canada recycle more than five million tonnes of aluminum each year.
  • Venture Steel always ensures that a majority of their metal supply is sourced from environmentally-conscious producers. Recently, many of their non-EAF suppliers have made the commitment to change from BOF to EAF production by 2030, which will significantly lower carbon emissions.
  • Quantum Lifecycle is one of the largest e-waste recycling operations in Canada. They offer electronic reuse and recycling services to increase the volume of e-waste recycled annually.


While waste reduction and sustainability ultimately support a thriving community, The Giampaolo Group believes in providing direct help to members of our society where it’s needed most. The Giampaolo Foundation is our way of giving back to the communities in which we do business.

To date, The Giampaolo Foundation has contributed over $4 million to philanthropic causes, including:

  • Erinoakkids Centre for Treatment and Development
  • Wellspring Chinguacousy Cancer Support Centre
  • William Osler Foundation
  • Diocese of Peterborough/College
  • Autism Ontario


The Giampaolo Group is committed to ethical decision-making across all of our business initiatives. We uphold a reputation for strong values, which allows us to develop and utilize trusted business relationships. Our integrity is displayed through our actions, which encompass everything from maintaining ongoing transparency to ensuring compliance in our operations.