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The Giampaolo Group Leadership

Joe Caruso

Executive Vice Chairman, Giampaolo Group Inc.

Joe Caruso is a proven and respected leader who has successfully guided the organization through numerous challenges and opportunities while strengthening the company for future generations. Joe has been with the Giampaolo Group for over 30 years, and as of 2022 he has been appointed Executive Vice Chairman of the organization. Joe works on building a strong organization that will support and enable the continued prosperity and growth of the Giampaolo Group.

Chris Galifi

Chief Executive Officer, Giampaolo Group Inc.

Chris Galifi is an experienced executive, with more than a decade of management experience and leadership expertise. He first began his career with the Giampaolo Group in 2011. Through 2011 to 2018, Chris served in various roles of increasing responsibilities at Quantum Lifecycle Partners, Venture Steel, Matalco and Triple M Metal, focusing on financial, commercial, procurement, operations, and continuous improvement. Chris is responsible for the overall performance and growth of the Giampaolo Group.

Derrick Phelps

President and Chief Financial Officer, Giampaolo Group Inc.

Derrick Phelps is an experienced executive with over 20 years of operational and financial know how and is currently the President and Chief Financial Officer at the Giampaolo Group. Prior to this, Derrick was the President and CFO of ABC Group, an automotive plastics parts manufacturer. Before joining the ABC Group, he advised numerous private companies in a variety of sectors and was a Partner and Senior Vice President at Ernst & Young. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant as well as a Chartered Business Valuator and currently sits on two private equity Boards.

Gary Diamond

President, Quantum Lifecycle Partners LP

A trained lawyer, Gary ventured into the electronics recycling industry by founding Shift Recycling in 2010. In 2019, under Gary’s vision and leadership, Quantum was formed and is now the largest IT Asset Disposition and e-waste recycler in Canada. Gary is passionate about: building a world class team; providing tremendous value to Quantum’s customers; and protecting our planet. When not recycling electronics (which doesn’t happen often), Gary can be found, together with his wife, chasing his 3 young children.

Tom Horter

President, Matalco Inc.

Tom started in the aluminum industry in 1988 with Cressona Aluminum and held various technical, operations, and commercial leadership roles. In 2007, Tom co-founded Alexin LLC, a billet and slab manufacturing plant in Bluffton IN and served as Alexin’s CEO through January 2018 when Alexin was acquired by Matalco.  Tom now serves as President of Matalco, with six plants operating in Canada and the US, and a seventh plant under construction.

Tony Kafato

President, Venture Steel Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in metals distribution, Tony has garnered an abundance of knowledge in all functional areas, including Sales, Purchasing, Finance, Operations and Logistics. Tony has been serving as Venture Steel’s President since shortly before it was acquired by the Giampaolo Group in 2010. Since then, Venture has grown to now include 6 service center locations throughout Canada, USA & Mexico enabling the Venture Steel team to provide industry best service to its customers located throughout North America.

Steve Leddy

President, Triple M Metal LP and Integrated Metal Recycling Inc.

Steve Leddy is the President of Triple M Metal LP and Integrated Metal Recycling Inc. He entered the steel industry in 1995, and after much success in senior sales and marketing positions at leading North American steel mills, he made the transition to the scrap metal industry in 2004. Steve has well-rounded experience in scrap yard operations, integration, marketing and trading. Steve’s objective is to strategically grow Triple M Metal’s footprint across North America.

Todd Kerr

President of Real Estate, Giampaolo Investments Limited

Todd Kerr began his career with the Giampaolo Group almost two decades ago as a Development Manager. Since then, he has helped grow Giampaolo Investments Limited into a full-fledged real estate development company. Now working as the Vice President of Real Estate, Todd is responsible for all of the day to day operations of GIL, and all real estate operations within the Giampaolo Group.