For over 30 years, Quantum Lifecycle Partners has been playing a key role in sustainability by ensuring electronics are reused where possible and recycled responsibly at the end of their useful life.

Quantum has now developed a calculator and reporting tool that measures the greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions achieved through reusing and recycling of electronics using Quantum services. The calculator is built to help us understand our own internal GHG emissions and the positive impact that our customers make through reuse and recycling.

As more companies report on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, customers are requesting this data for their own reporting. With a stated goal of being the Complete Solution for our customers when it comes to I.T. lifecycle management, Quantum could not ignore their need to quantify the GHG impacts of the work we do on their behalf.

To develop the calculator, Quantum worked with an industry-leading consulting firm. The consultant was chosen for two reasons: their expertise in sustainable management tools and their ability to create a transparent best-in-class methodology as an external party.

The tool works by using the US EPA Waste Reduction Model for GHG emissions saved from the recycling and reuse of raw materials and electronics. Data was incorporated from 16 research studies from global academics which informed average lifespans of new and used I.T. assets. Where no data existed on certain asset categories, Quantum’s own data on refurbishment and recycling rates was used.

Given there are averages for specific categories and groupings of electronics, and transportation has been excluded as it is a major unknown, the resulting GHG reduction number is a best estimation of the emissions saved in CO2e, the standard measure in emissions reporting.

Quantum provides the information in a report to customers, with the information broken down by reuse and recycling. Customers love our format because we make the data easy to understand.

Ultimately, the GHG reduction tool helps our customers make informed decisions about procuring and disposing of their I.T. assets. They can use the information to communicate with their stakeholders on the positive financial and environmental impacts their organization is making by choosing to work with a company like Quantum.

About Quantum Lifecycle Partners LP

Quantum is both an I.T. Asset Disposition company and an E-Waste Recycling service provider. Through this strategic pairing of services, we cover every step of the I.T. disposition process, from data destruction to refurbishment, resale and recycling. We draw on more than 30 years of corporate history, a national footprint, commitment to the environment, and robust systems and processes to develop customized solutions for our clients across all sectors.